Why 70% of Tech Outsourcing Projects Fail

70% of tech projects fail. And they usually have one thing in common. Read to know what the rest 30% do to make their projects successful!

Tech projects fail all the time. And they usually have one thing in common. A mismatch between project and team. When you outsource your software development, how do you get it right?

Businesses die. Hundreds of them die every day. Reason? No invention. Sears, the most promising brand in the US, filed for bankruptcy. You might think, if they can’t survive, how can anyone?

Plenty of businesses do great work and still fail. They work hard day and night to grow their companies. But they still fail. The trend is even stronger for non-technical businesses.

Right now, tech is changing everything around us. But many businesses are stuck in the past. How to spot them? It’s easy, go to their website. It will look old fashioned. It will use an out-of-date platform. It will have a clunky design and won’t be easy to use.

It’s embarrassing looking at them. But it’s not their fault.

These businesses don’t know who to hire. It’s like going into a restaurant before checking the Yelp reviews.

Non-technical organizations struggle to leverage technology.

After speaking to hundreds of non-technical organizations’ leaders, we’re sure of one thing: they don’t know who to hire for their tech — or what to ask.

To build a quality tech product, you need to work with great talent. There’s no workaround for this.

This is such a big problem that 70% of the tech outsourcing projects fail to meet the desired goals. That’s 70%! Such a huge number of potentially great products going into the garbage.

It’s depressing.

But the solution is so obvious. These businesses need quality guidance. They need to hire an expert to find the right talent.

As a non-tech company, you need to be able to rely on an expert to help match your tech needs to the right tech team.

The wrong match will result in a failed project.

What sort of problems can you expect? Poor communication, technical inexperience, over-budget spending, missed deadlines. All this results in your product not making it off the ground.

This is why good project-to-agency matchmaking is crucial.

Worried? Don’t be. Indiez is great at project-to-agency matchmaking — and here’s how we go about it.

The beginning steps

Thinking about building a website? You need to consider some important issues. These include target audience, features, how it should look, and how it should function.

There are lots of variables to consider. But non-technical organizations don’t have the tech knowledge to define them. They also don’t know who to hire and what questions to ask.

An expert matchmaker talks to you to define your goals and understands what you need to move forward.

Defining the problem and the solution is the first step.

The perfect match

Finding the perfect match between project and agency comes next. It must be a perfect fit.

The agency must be a good technical fit — and a have a portfolio to prove it. They must also have enough time available to devote to the project.

They need to have the right budget expectations. Clients should not overpay or underpay for the project. Underpay and it will be too simple. Overpay and it’s overkill. Either way — a mismatch.

It’s not only about the tech though. Agencies also need to understand the processes needed. Such as whether the project will need a Waterfall methodology or another approach.

And don’t forget about communication. The right team should be great communicators. They should be able to handle ambiguity and help the client make good decisions. They should be able to guide the process and offer advice.

Of course, the client gets to make the final decision on the team selected. But with an expert matchmaker presenting the choices, their selection will be a good one.

How to track progress

Progress tracking is important to ensure a project stays on course. But how do you know the agency is working well and to schedule?

If you use Indiez to find the best IT agency and manage the project, every aspect is already in hand.

Along with an expert tech team, we select an experienced Product Manager to oversee the product. We also bring in a Project Manager to keep the team members engaged. They make sure every individual is accountable for their area of work.

Of course, as the client, you can check on the project at any time. You can speak directly to the agency to check on progress and questions.

How do we ensure everything runs well?

We define the project outline, goals and intended outcome. We keep track of the project progress through designated milestones. And we measure these against the agreed timescale.

What if it goes wrong?

If there’s a great match between project and agency, it will be plain sailing.

But a poor match? Catastrophic.

One example of possible poor matchmaking is the 2016 collaboration between Hertz and Accenture. The car-hire giant is suing the consultancy firm for allegedly failing to deliver the agreed website redesign.

According to tech publication The Register, Hertz claims the consultancy ‘never delivered a functional site or mobile app’. Hertz is suing the firm for the $32m it paid Accenture in fees, plus the ‘additional costs that it has incurred in remediating and completing the project.’

Hertz alleges that part of the problem was when a new group of technicians replaced the original Accenture team, and ‘knowledge was lost in the transition’.

A bad match causes miscommunication. And miscommunication causes failure.

The Indiez way

Indiez puts an end to mismatches, poor communications and failed projects. We vet agencies using 120+ criteria. We define every aspect of a project and find the right team.

With access to a global network of talented techies with decades of experience crafting stellar tech, it’s easy for us to help non-technical clients in any industry.

Our failure rate is zero — where the average is 70%. And our matchmaking process takes 7–10 days, where a traditional RFP process can take 3–4 months or more.

We manage every project from start to finish. This way we guarantee a flawless outcome with reliable results. No negative surprises, over-budget spending or missed deadlines.

Our end product will surpass your expectations in all the right ways. Guaranteed. Because, Client + Indiez + Agency = a perfect match.

Talk to Indiez today about your technology needs and let us find the right tech team to take your business to the next level!