Making remote work human
10 min read to get all the key learnings from my remote experience
Key Learnings from my remote experience
Welcome to Nitesh’s Newsletter by me, Nitesh Agrawal. Building Dive ( Ex-CEO @Indiez_io (exited). Ex-Ola. IITB Grad. S…
Busting the myths about remote work is the need of the hour.
70% of tech projects fail. And they usually have one thing in common. Read to know what the rest 30% do to make their projects successful!
Technology outsourcing hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. We’re changing it.
Key is to balance innovation, supporters’ expectations and your brand identity. Here are the 14 ways nonprofits can achieve this!
Emerging tech is helping a new generation of CFPs provide financial advice and coaching like never before.
I’ve worked with more than 600 startups and SMBs, and I can tell you there’s a pattern to productivity.
In a single conference I saw what the future of work looks like, and we should all be very, very excited.
Augmented reality is far more than a video game novelty. It’s a technology that’s altering entire industries.